Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for yappers

Do you have yappers in your life? Not those little dogs that nip at your heels, but similar. No, I'm talking about people who nip at your dreams and your plans, who are unable to support anyone because they know better. I've certainly had them in my life, and the energy they sap from me is discouraging. They're the more visible form of The Levelers.

The Levelers want to bring you down. They want you to give up, to wallow in your failures, and to never achieve anything. They use all sorts of things: The Yappers, The Backbiters, The Naysayers, The Overbearers ... but the most dangerous thing they do is use your own insecurity against you. They make the price of failure seem too terrible to pay. "It's safe, better, easier," they whisper, "to never try. Go watch TV. There's a new reality show to watch. Just sit down, and soon nothing will matter."

And they're right. If you allow them to level you, to stop your dreams, then eventually nothing will matter. Don't let them do it! Stand up, get out, start moving, be the person you always dreamed you should be. Kick the Yappers to the curb, face the Backbiters, have more Yeas than they have Nays, tell the Overbearers to back off ... but most of all, believe in yourself.

Believe in yourself. And don't worry about failure. You're going to fail. Everyone fails many times, but all you have to do is succeed one more time than you fail to be a success. And yes, I'm preaching to me, too.

I got a yapper problem myself, but I'm going to overcome them. Aren't you?

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