Sunday, April 6, 2014

E is for effort, part 2

A friend read my post yesterday and said that he totally agreed with me.

"It's really an insult," he said.

"Well, I'm not sure if it's an insult--"

"What's really bad when you've taken your wife out to dinner at an expensive restaurant, gave her flowers, gave her a card that you spent an hour picking out, and then made love to her for at least two hours and made sure she was happy if you know what I mean--"

"Uh ..."

"And then you ask her how the evening was and she says, 'Well, you get points for effort.' And let me tell you that hurts."

"I'm not sure if you should be telling--"

"If I had ever had that happen," he added hastily. "Which I haven't."


"Never. Not even once," he insisted. "I'm just saying that I can imagine how it would hurt after all that effort."

"I have to go now," I said. "An errand. Or my house is on fire. But I have to hang up now."

"All right, but let me tell you again that it has NEVER happened to me. My wife loves my love making. Loves it. Begs for it."

"Look, I have to go now. NOW." I hung up. And not a moment too soon.

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  1. Family Feud question: "Percentage of men who will say they are good lovers." Woman answered, "50%" Man answered "80%" My husband says, "100%." I laughed, and I agree. No man is willing to admit he's less than an ideal lover. Ahem. We women have a closer grasp upon the truth.