Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas After Christmas

    What with one thing or another, I didn't talk about Christmas here much. Sort of surprising since Tales from Bethlehem is a Christmas book, and that is the time it receives the most interest. Life, however, had other plans, and I didn't get into the spirit of Christmas until it was almost upon me. Well, that happens sometimes. But Christmas finally worked its usual magic, and soon I was happily singing carols, sending out Christmas cards, and watching concerts and old Christmas movies.
     I hate to see the holiday season end. January always seems so much colder and darker after the life and excitement of Christmas. The winter closes in. The temps drop. The skies stay gray. I miss the sun and warmth.
     Almost all decorations are down in my house now. Just a few more things to be packed away and placed into storage until December rolls around again. It seems like long time until then, but it will go fast. The days can drag, but the year blurs.
     I always plan to somehow keep Christmas in my heart through the year. I bet you do, too. It's easy to say, but hard to do. Maybe this year we will. I will try. Maybe I should reread Tales every month. That might help! Well, it couldn't hurt, now could it?

Tales from Bethlehem
    You've heard the story a thousand times: glorious angels, lowly shepherds, brightly shining star, three Wise Men, and wee babe in a manger. But have you ever wondered about everyone else in tiny Bethlehem on that marvel of nights? What did they think? What did they do? How would you have responded?
     In these funny and touching tales, you'll meet a stable boy, a serving girl, an honest spy, an astounding clerk, an empty innkeeper, a mighty ship of the desert, and many others as they share their amazing Tales from Bethlehem.

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