Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things We Learn

Things We Learn

People we love will hurt us the most
but we will love them anyway
People we want to love us won’t
but they will love other people
Children break our hearts repeatedly
but people will continue to have them
God doesn’t answer our prayers
but we won’t listen when He says no
Life carries sorrow and strife
but we hold onto hope for better days
We learn things we don’t want
but we call this knowledge wisdom

Each night we fall in restless sleep
And we get up each day and go on
Flowers bloom, trees grow green,
and leaves fall before the snow
Love is always truly unexpected
and it brings its blessed problems
Children choose their surprising paths
and their journeys head toward light
We love who our heart loves
and love cannot be wasted in this life
We hold tight the things we cherish
and our lives are finally fulfilled

Copyright 2014 by Stephen B. Bagley. All rights reserved. Thanks for reading!

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